Go M.A.D. Fitness

Here at Go M.A.D. Fitness we are not like your everyday training facility. We are facility that has produced numerous champions on all levels. Our programs are designed to drastically improve performance and meet your fitness goals.

Below are some of the many great reviews we have had from people in many different sports.

Thanks to Go M.A.D. Fitness my daughter recovered from her knee injury on time and came back even stronger to her high school basketball team!     -Terry

Go M.A.D. Fitness' training has helped me be a better athlete in many ways. I am now faster, stronger and quicker than I was 6 months ago. Don’t expect good results if you only go once a week. I went 3 days a week for a long time before I started seeing myself get stronger. It is a long process, you have to give it your all if you want great results. What you put into it is what you get out of it. Go M.A.D. Fitness has a very well organized program, with different exercises each day of the week. If you are looking to improve yourself as an athlete, I recommend training with Go M.A.D. Fitness. This will make you a lot faster and stronger than you were before. But like I said before, it takes time. Don’t just give up because you haven’t seen improvements in one week of training. If you eat right, give 100%, and do some other little workouts on your own, you will definitely see an improvement.      -Steven

My daughter learned so much from you and your staff. She became a better runner and her speed and flexibility increased greatly.      -Mary

“I came to Go M.A.D. Fitness in June of 2011 weighing 240 lbs., feeling out of shape, tired, and much older than a 23 year old should have. College had been a lot of fun but the diet and lifestyle associated had not been kind to my physique. Upon graduation I made it a point to hire a trainer and get back into the best shape possible.

Immediately it was clear that the Go M.A.D. Fitness Team were not only serious about fitness but excellent coaches and teachers. I worked primarily with Zack who tailored workouts to my specific needs, adjusting the intensity and difficulty as necessary over time. Workouts consisted primarily of a cardio, TRX, and Olympic weightlifting. We began weigh-ins before every workout starting at the third session with my initial weight coming in at 234 lbs. in July of 2011. By January of 2012 I weighed in at 204 lbs. for a total weight loss of 36 lbs. (30 lbs. since weigh-ins began).

Not only did Zack help me with the workouts themselves but also with stretching exercises to do on a daily basis and nutrition. We were able to come up with a few smoothie recipes that tasted great and really helped me during breakfast, a meal I would normally skip due to lack of time in the morning.

Over time I really started to feel better physically and mentally. It’s really motivating to go to the scale every week and see the numbers getting lower and lower especially when you know there were no gimmicks or tricks involved. I played in a Wednesday basketball league with some co-workers for the duration of my time working out at Go M.A.D. Fitness. In the beginning I played as if I was one of the old guys out there: tired after 1 game, no defense, and shooting a lot of 3 pointers because driving to the basket took effort. By the time November and December came around I was almost running circles around the other guys out there (I still couldn’t hit a jumpshot, but that’s not the point).

If you are in the Northern Ohio or Southeastern Michigan area I can’t think of a better place to workout whether you’re looking to get back in shape like I was or a top notch athlete looking to shave an extra tenth of a second off your time. The team at Go M.A.D. Fitness is second to none and I know for a fact that what they do for their clients works.      -Jennifer